The Marrakech Atlas Golf Cultural Centre is a unique venue in Marrakech and in Morocco. It enriches the regional cultural scene and benefits in particular aficionados of earth and sky sciences.

It contains the 4 elements Water, Earth, Sky and Fire as a common thread.

All through the year you will be able to enjoy contemporary exhibitions and sip a very pleasant coffee in our library and browse its wide range of books. The coffee shop and bookstore is an ideal place for students to study and discuss in peace.

The first floor focuses on the theme of the Earth: a magnificent museum of minerals and fossils allows young and old to discover the great history of the Earth, including fossils found in Morocco. There are even meteorites including the Tamdakht meteorite and the Marshal Tissint meteorite discovered in southern Morocco in October 2011. On the floor there is also a projection room which also serves as a conference room and a multi-media library.

The last floor is dedicated to Heaven and Fire and hosts the largest telescope in Morocco (a 600mm diameter telescope). Lovers of our big star can also enjoy the siderostat installed on the roof. This instrument allows to project the real image of the sun continuously directly on a screen of the conference room of the first floor.

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